When you choose PurePools, you choose convenience, durability and luxury.

It starts with comprehensive advice. Our advisors list your wishes. Together with you they determine what your new pool should look like. Your new pool will be built in our factory, exactly to your specifications. A team of skilled installers installs the pool in a few days. This way, you experience the least possible inconvenience and can quickly enjoy 100% naturally purified water.

All our pools are equipped with a unique and patented Biotop filter system. A balanced natural filtration system eliminates the need for chemicals such as chlorine. The result is soft, vital and crystal clear swimming water. And the system has even more advantages. It requires little maintenance and the system does not need to be emptied in winter. This leaves you more time for what PurePools is all about: pure enjoyment!

PurePools can be experienced in four ways. Which way suits you best depends on your wishes. We are happy to advise you. Would you like to get acquainted with our unique concept? Then we would like to invite you for a trial dive!


In some cases, our other concepts do not match your ambitions. That’s why we also offer customized solutions. Long pools with powerful swimming machines for professional sports swimmers. A pool for the smallest city garden. Or even more luxury and comfort for the most demanding customer. The sky is the limit.


Natural enjoyment in its most luxurious form. Even in compact gardens. Because a compact garden does not mean that you could not install a swimming pool. It requires customization and a custom design. The options can be flexibly tailored for you.


You have seen it: pools that don’t seem to stop. Endless enjoyment takes on a completely new meaning. This is also possible with your new PurePools. The result is a sleek ensemble with an ultra-modern and luxurious appearance.


The pools in our Overflow series are in harmony with their surroundings. The water level is at the same height as the pool edge. This creates a perfectly coordinated appearance.