By nature, your PurePools is already exceptionally richly equipped. But sometimes that’s still not enough. Fortunately, you can fully shape your new pool using the extensive additional specifications. 

This creates a PurePools pool that exactly matches your ambitions. 

Enjoy day and night

Why should you want to enjoy your PurePools pool only during the day? That’s why you choose our durable LED lighting. With the remote control, ease of operation is guaranteed. And a sophisticated lighting plan creates a swimming experience that is unparalleled during both day and night.

Bathe in luxury

Your new PurePools pool is an oasis of tranquility. By default, you are already not lacking in luxury during these moments of rest. But do you want to go a step further? Then choose massage jets, bubble plates, massage jets or even an internal spa. Unwinding has never been so luxurious.

At your service

You’re busy enough as it is. So when you have time, you want to enjoy your new PurePools pool. And you don’t want to waste time maintaining it. That’s why you choose one of our cleaning robots. The butler of your pool.

Do you want to be totally relieved of all your worries? Ask about our maintenance subscriptions. Our pool specialists are happy to take the work off your hands, so that all you have to do is enjoy.

The warmth of being together

The unique filter system of your new PurePools pool does not need to be emptied in winter. So why not take a refreshing dip in winter? With our heat pumps, nothing stops you anymore. The water maintains a pleasant temperature year-round. And in combination with solar panels, a sustainable solution is created.

A sporty experience

Your new PurePools pool is also a great fit for your athletic ambitions. Adding a powerful swimming machine creates the perfect training buddy. Not surprisingly, more and more professional sports swimmers are choosing PurePools. Nothing beats training in 100% naturally purified water.

Feeling tidy

Not using your new PurePools pool? Then cover it with our solar rolldeck. This rolldeck absorbs the heat of the sunlight and passes it on to the pool water. It also prevents leaves and other debris from falling into your pool. In addition, the rolldeck does not affect the clean lines of your pool. And do you want to enjoy the wonderful swimming water? Then the deck rolls up for you electrically.