You are also assured of convenience in the realization of your new PurePools pool. Our specialists have years of experience installing our pools in the most diverse situations. The advantage of a PurePools pool is the fast installation. But before we can proceed with installation, there are some steps to take. That way we can be sure that your new PurePools pool will meet your exact expectations.




Every project starts with an idea. We are happy to meet with you to identify your needs. If you visit us, you can take a trial dive. We can also show you the technical part. This will give you a good idea of the possibilities. Of course we will be happy to answer all your questions. We will also ask you some critical questions, in order to determine which PurePools pool best suits your budget, situation and wishes.



When your wishes are clear, we can work them out in a design with a technical plan. If necessary, we can also make a total design including the garden or the part of it that surrounds your new PurePools pool.
Part of the design is a detailed technical plan. This clearly describes how the natural purification without chemicals will be applied in your situation.



Based on the design with the technical plan, we can give you an appropriate proposal for the realization of your swimming pool. Our quotations are clear and fully detailed. You know exactly where you stand and will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Preparation and implementation


Do you agree with our proposal? Then we plan the execution in consultation with you. Your new PurePools pool will be manufactured to your specifications in our factory. And we order all technical (filter) materials from our supplier.

When your new PurePools pool is ready, it is driven to your location by special transport. In the meantime our specialists have taken care of the preparatory work. They are all professionals with years of experience. All year round they build PurePools swimming pools with enthusiasm and passion.

After Care


You want to enjoy your new PurePools pool as long as possible, naturally. That’s why proper maintenance is very important. We offer you several options in the form of maintenance contracts. We are also happy to give you tips on regular maintenance that you may want to do yourself. This way you can enjoy your new PurePools carefree all year round.